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Our goal in grooming your pet is to make them feel as comfortable as possible during the process and to work with them to make it as simple as we can. The shampoo we use will make your dog smell fresh and clean. The conditioner will also make your pets coat soft and glossy. If you would like us to use a special kind of shampoo (Oatmeal, Puppy, Hypo-allergenic, Medicated) or something we use that you don’t like please let us know. The end result is your pet feeling and looking its best and getting the owner’s approval.


This includes cutting and grinding their nails, cleaning their ears, emptying their anal sacs brushing/dematting their coat and then bathing your pet once and then again and then finally blowing them dry.

Small Dogs 25.00 and up

Medium Dogs 30.00 and up

Large Dogs 35.00 and up

Cats 40.00 and up

Flea baths for any animals are 5.00 extra.

Full Grooming


This includes clipping your pets fur, cutting and grinding their nails, cleaning their ears, emptying their anal sacs, brushing/ de-matting their coat then bathing them once and then again, blowing them dry and then clipping and trimming them again.

Small Dogs 40.00 and up

Medium Dogs 45.00 and up

Large Dogs 50.00 and up

Cats 40.00 and up



Nails      10.00

Anal sacs 10.00

Please be advised that prices are subject to change due to condition or temperament of the animal.



All Grooming clients will need to provide an updated copy of the animal’s shot records prior to the appointment. They can be emailed or dropped off during business hours.

Email :

All the vaccinations that are required for boarding will be required for grooming. 


Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis and Bordetella


Enteritis, Calici, Rhinotrachetis, Leukemia, Chlamydia and Rabies


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